Transmogrification: The 11 Best-Looking Tier Sets

As many of you know, Top 10 lists are for cowards. Due to the fact that I am not a coward, any time I make a list like this, I always make sure to go to 11. Transmogrification is heavy on every WoW player’s mind right now, and I’ve decided to showcase what I believe to be the best of the best tier sets. If you play one of the classes listed below, you won’t find better than what’s on this list, so when patch 4.3 drops you’d better have the gear listed here. Of course, Blizzard has released most of the Tier 13 previews already, and they look amazing so far, so this will all be a moot point when 4.3 hits if Tier 13 is better than anything listed here. Finally, I’ve only included sets that are currently attainable in-game and are farmable (that means no T3, T11, or T12).

11. Rogue Tier 5 – Deathmantle: As cool as this set is, it’s the worst of the best. There are a lot of great rogue options available out there that were very close to making this list as well. Basically all of BC was fantastic to our sneaky friends, so you’re safe to bring out any armor from Tiers 4 through 6.

Rogue T5

10. Priest Tier 5 – Avatar: This is one of those ones that’s going to be moot once 4.3 hits, because the new Tier 13 set is amazing. Like, drop-to-the-floor-drooling amazing. However, until you fill that Tier 13 set, this should be top of your priest’s list.

priest T5

9. Hunter Tier 10 – Ahn’Kahar: So many spikes, so little time. I’m actually currently transmogged to this set on the PTR (well, the sanctified version of it – get this version if you can. The color scheme is way better). Brings me back to the good ol’ days, fighting Arthas, not taking shit from nobody… Good times.

hunter T10

8. Mage Tier 6 – Tempest: I was really, really torn on this one. It was very close between Tier 6 and Tier 2, but I went with the Tempest set. It’s gorgeous and really shows off what a mage is. Especially gorgeous on a draenei (as seen in the picture) or a gnome.

mage T6

7. Warrior Tier 4 – Warbringer: One of the few Tier sets I really enjoyed out of Karazhan, and definitely the Warrior’s strongest. It boasts the strength of an ant in the body of a (insert race here), and it’s just terrifyingly powerful.

warrior T4

6. Paladin Tier 5 – Crystalforge: A lot of people are going to be rocking Judgement. And by that, I mean basically every Paladin in existence. It’s a nice set, but in my eyes it can’t hold a candle to the efflorescent purple glow of Crystalforge. Pick this set up if you want to look different than all the other Paladins.

paladin T5

5. Death Knight Tier 10 – Scourgelord: Just like how Paladins will be wearing Judgement everywhere, Death Knights will assuredly be wearing their starter set (either the blue or the green one, or even parts of both). Tier 10 is the Death Knight’s strongest tier set for sure, but I’d have to agree with the masses on this one – the starter set is superior.

DK T10

4. Warlock Tier 2 – Nemesis: Another tough choice between Tier 2 and Tier 6, but I went with Tier 2 on this one. Malefic will be very frequently sported, while Nemesis just screams classic Warlock. Other very viable choices would be all of Burning Crusade’s tiers – like the Rogues, Warlocks received lots of love during WoW’s first expansion.

warlock T2

3. Shaman Tier 10 – Frost Witch: This set is awesome for two reasons. One, you’re wearing the skull of a poor boar on your face, and two, the shoulders. Although seemingly simple and basically hand-crafted (which just oozes shamanism), twin stags periodically proc from each shoulder in a beautiful, ghostly, luminescent aura of awesome. Everyone knows Warlocks for their Malefic armor’s giant wing proc, but to me, the Shaman’s Tier 10 is just much more elegant and peaceful; much more Shaman.

shaman T10

2. Druid Tier 7 – Valorous Dreamwalker: An update of druid’s Tier 3 set, and it’s just perfect. Everything about this set is gorgeous and just wonderful. However, that only applies to the 25-man Valorous version. The 10-man ugly purple-red version sucks, so don’t bother with that nonsense. 25-man or bust!

druid T7

And the #1 best set in the game is!

1. Hunter Tier 2 – Dragonstalker: It is humorous by what a wide margin Dragonstalker won this little contest. It wasn’t even close. All the other sets combined don’t match the epicness of this set. Oh, hey there shaman, you’ve got some cool stags? I’ve got DRAGON FACES. Not scales. Not teeth or claws. Their whole damn faces. Three of them. If that doesn’t equate to a badass hunter, I don’t know what does.

hunter T2

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